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New iOS Lock Screen Widgets and 3D Touch Shortcut


We have some good news for all iOS users! We are happy to announce not only one, but two new Lock Screen Widgets and the 3D Touch shortcut!

Nuki Widget for iOS - iPhone
iOS-Widget for the Nuki iPhone-App

With these you are now able to control your Smart Locks even easier and faster! Just update your Nuki app to the latest version and enjoy these new possibilities.

Nuki Actions Widget

The Nuki Actions Widget gives you direct access to your Smart Locks. It can display up to three Smart Locks at once and you are able to trigger locking actions (unlock, lock, open door, Lock ‘n’ Go) directly from the widget. Please note that only three of your favoured Smart Locks will appear in this widget.

Nuki Locks Widget

You would like to save some space on your screen and get access to even four Smart Locks? Then the Nuki Locks Widget is the right choice for you! It shows the first four of your favourite Smart Locks next to each other. Just tap on one of your Smart Locks and your Nuki app opens automatically with the extended action area.

For all of you who prefer the so called 3D Touch shortcut (force touch) we also integrated this functionality into our new Nuki iOS app version. On the home screen, pressing the icon of the Nuki app displays the action view. This view lets you quickly perform the available locking actions for your number one favoured Smart Lock.

Update the Nuki app to the latest version and let us know what you think about the new widgets!

Please note: You need to have iOS 10.2 installed on your iPhone to use widgets.