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Nuki Summer Update 2019

Nuki News 30.07.2019 | Angela de Monte

Summer is often the time to relax and recover from everyday stress. As the temperature rises, you can head off on a well-deserved holiday or enjoy a little peace and quiet in the office. Not so with Nuki, because a lot has happened here in the last months around our new Nuki Opener, and it makes us incredibly proud that some of you are now in possession of samples of our first Nuki Openers.

To start your holiday off with peace of mind, we present the Nuki summer update today. We hope this update spreads positive vibes and a holiday feeling among you thanks to new features and numerous improvements.

The latest update includes:

  • Push notifications via Nuki Web
  • Firmware update 2.5.4 for the Smart Lock 2.0

Push notifications to your smartphone via Nuki Web

Feedback from our community is important to us, and we do our best to take it on board and implement it. Some of you contacted our support team with one specific topic over and over: push notifications to inform you of locking actions or the arrival of a certain person. And this is now possible through the Nuki Web. Nuki can send you notifications for specific Smart Lock activities, or important warnings, e.g. when you need to change your batteries.

How to activate push notifications

In your Nuki app, under “Settings” > “Manage Smart Lock”, you will find the new option “Manage notifications“. Here, you can log in with your Nuki Web account. This is essential, as notifications will then be transmitted through your Nuki Web account. If you haven’t activated Nuki Web yet, you can do so in just a few steps.

Push notifications Nuki iOS App - Nuki Smart Lock

You can now set the activities for which you would like to receive notifications. In principle, you can receive notifications for all entries that appear in your activity log. That’s why it’s necessary for the activity log feature to be active.

You can easily adjust all push notifications to suit your individual needs. For example, you can be notified when your door has been locked using Auto Lock, or when your child has unlocked the door and safely arrived at home. If you want your partner to receive the same notifications, you can set that up as well. Simply log in with your partner’s smartphone through your Nuki Web account via “Settings” > “Manage Smart Lock” > “Manage notifications”, and now both of you will be informed of all desired locking activities and warnings.

Firmware update 2.5.4 for the Smart Lock 2.0

In preparation for the summer, we have also had a very close look at a number of existing functions. After you’ve downloaded the update, you’ll notice that the Smart Lock works even more smoothly and that we’ve optimised minor flaws. An example of this is our optimisation of the energy efficiency of our products. We know that power consumption and battery life are very important to many of you, so we are very pleased to have good news here.

Current status of ZigBee

Unfortunately, this update isn’t all good news. Last year, we announced our plans for 2019, which included the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 as well as the planned integration of the ZigBee communication standard. After conducting an extensive analysis, we came to the conclusion that our approach to integrating ZigBee would not meet our high quality standards with regard to usability. For this reason, the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 will not support ZigBee in 2019.

It is very important to us that we meet your expectations and deliver on our promises. In this case, however, we were forced to make a difficult decision. Nonetheless, we are convinced that every feature we offer must live up to our commitment to you: Smart – Simple – Secure. Of course, we will keep you up to date on all developments concerning ZigBee and will continue our intensive work to ensure that our products are compatible with as many Smart Home devices and standards as possible.

We hope that this summer update will help you relax when you head off on your holiday – after all, you’re now completely in the loop when it comes to the status of your door.

Angela de Monte
I got my first Smart Home gadget when I didn’t want to get out of bed earlier to heat up my espresso machine. Now all kinds of devices make my everyday life more convenient and even more secure. Why should I still bother my neighbor to look after my home when my Smart Home can take care of everything on its own when I’m away?