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Security-critical firmware update for Nuki devices available
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Security-critical firmware update for Nuki devices recommended

Stay Secure 09.06.2022 | Admin

According to our core values, Smart – Simple – Secure, we set the highest security standards for our products. After all, with Nuki we provide easy access to your own home, and this must be secure. Always. Around the clock.

In order to be able to guarantee this high level of security throughout, we regularly provide software updates. So we also recommend our users always keep the software of their Nuki products up to date.

→ Install the latest firmware updates right away to protect your Nuki devices optimally!

This is how you update your devices:

Updating the Smart Lock and Opener is done in just a few steps:

  • Make sure your smartphone is within Bluetooth range of the devices.
  • You will need the admin pin code of the Smart Lock. If you do not have it, contact the owner of the products. Or ask the owner directly to install the update.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Administration” > “Firmware Update“.
  • Tip: If you use your Smart Lock and/or your Opener with a Bridge, you should activate Auto Update on your smartphone. This way, updates will be installed automatically in the future.

These are the steps to install the update on Keypad and Fob:

  • You have to have direct access to the device itself.
  • Select “Manage my devices” in the menu and then click on the device type.
  • Then go to “Manage device” and connect the device as described in the app.
  • You can now install the firmware update.

Overview of all security-relevant software updates for Nuki products

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