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The Nuki Pro partner program: How experts support us as Nuki distribution partners

Get Inspired 13.08.2019 | Judith Wilfing

Update: 29.03.2021

Smart Home is a mega-trend these days and on everyone’s lips. So you should definitely have a look at the Nuki Blog and read up on this topic. In this context, we provide different application examples of Nuki in everyday life: coworking spaces, holiday apartment rentals, autonomous residences for the elderly, and many more. This time, however, we’d like to reveal an inside scoop: the Nuki Pro partner program, one of our exciting distribution channels at Nuki.

In the following blog post we share some general information about who we want to involve in the Nuki Pro partner program, what advantages this distribution channel offers, and why this form of partnership is particularly valuable for both end customers and Nuki.

What is the Nuki Pro partner program?

It is a form of distribution partnership. Nuki Pro partners distribute the Nuki product range to their end customers as resellers. Unlike in the classic retail industry based on a branch structure, our Nuki Pro partners are often smaller businesses that operate a local shop and/or an online shop. It is common for them to sell Nuki on top of their regular product range, whilst providing comprehensive support to their customers, from product selection and installation to expert technical support.

What are the target businesses of the Nuki Pro distribution channel?

The Nuki Pro partner program aims to engage small and medium-sized companies that, for example, have a local business in the security or electrical technology sectors. These include, for example, classic locksmith services. The sale and installation of door locks as well as personal customer support are part of their daily business. In addition to choosing the right locking cylinder, they also help their customers to install and set up Nuki Smart Locks.

Other potential Nuki Pro partners could come from the electrical installations segment. Electricians, for example, focus on Smart Home integration and networking smart devices. It also extends to individual security solutions for alarm systems, cameras, and the like.

What are advantages of the Nuki Pro partner program?

As a Nuki Pro partner: additional turnover through personal services
Our Pro partners benefit from additional service orders through the sale of Nuki products, which in addition to long-term customer loyalty also contributes to an increase in sales within their own company. Nuki Pro partners benefit from attractive reseller conditions and further additional privileges:

  • continuous marketing and distribution support
  • listing on our online partner map
  • personal support through exclusive Nuki partner relations
  • special B2B partner rates via the Nuki Pro Shop

As an end customer: trusted support for all security-related issues
Customers benefit from competent on-site assistance from our Nuki Pro partners. Though all Nuki products are essentially designed for simple self-installation, many end customers – often the less tech-savvy users – prefer to call a professional when it comes to a sensitive issue such as access to one’s own home. This is absolutely reasonable, since the front door is the gateway to one’s beloved home and private space at the same time. A Nuki Pro expert is available to provide you with personal advice as well as to carry out the Nuki installation process on request or to assist you with the Smart Home integration using third-party systems.

And Nuki’s take on it: competent partners for corporate growth
We see the Nuki Pro channel as a valuable and helpful partner of our successful Nuki Sales Team. This enables us to grow faster and serve more customer groups. Our Pro partners therefore play a significant role in strengthening Nuki’s visibility as a European market leader in electronic door locks and smart access solutions.

To round it all off, here are some interesting facts & figures about Nuki Pro:

There are currently over 700 Nuki Pro partners in various countries, including Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Sweden, UK, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Israel, Albania, Ireland, Dominican Republic, Malta, and Malaysia. You can find a detailed overview of all partners in our store locator, which is constantly being updated.

Nuki Pro reseller directory

Since introducing the Nuki Pro Shop in 2018, the ordering process has become much smoother. This also features an interactive communication platform with up-to-date expert partner content, news, promotions, and the latest products exclusively available to Nuki Pro partners. Access rights for experts are granted manually by Nuki, meaning that the shop is only available to registered users and protected with personal credentials. Registration is free of charge and without commitment. As a Nuki Pro partner, there is no minimum purchase amount or minimum revenue to achieve.

Starting March 2021, the Nuki Pro Shop will also be available in 3 additional languages – Italian, Spanish and Dutch. We are also opening the Nuki Pro Shop for Swiss Nuki Pro partners. With this step, we aim to move further towards a keyless Europe and offer even more smart home installers, security technology specialists, electricians and locksmiths the opportunity to sell our smart access solution as Nuki Pro partners.

We will be sharing some “Nuki Pro Testimonials” over the next few months, for you to see the real people behind the partner program. They speak from their own experience about the added value of the program and why they have made a conscious decision to include Nuki in their product range. We bet you are excited to get to know some friendly faces behind the Nuki Pro distribution channel.

PS: If you have specific questions about the Nuki Pro partner program or would like to become a Nuki distributor yourself, please contact our Nuki Pro Team.

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