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Nuki » Blog » Nuki News » Manage the new Nuki Fob from the Nuki App

Manage the new Nuki Fob from the Nuki App


In contrast to the 1st generation of the Nuki Fob, which can only be paired with one Smart Lock, the new Nuki Fob can be connected to several Smart Locks (one Fob for up to 100 Smart Locks).

Therefore, the new Nuki Fob can be managed with the Nuki smartphone app (in addition to the classic pairing via button). This requires the Android app version 1.10.0 (or higher) or the iOS app version 1.11.0 (or higher).

To manage the new Nuki Fob with your Nuki app, navigate to the Nuki app menu (top left) and select “Manage Fob”. Then follow the instructions in the app. With a Nuki Bridge this works even remotely, if you are not within Bluetooth range of the respective Smart Lock.

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