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New firmware updates for Nuki Smart Lock and Nuki Opener available

Nuki News 13.05.2020 | Sebastian Scholz

About four years ago the first Nuki Smart Locks were delivered to our early Kickstarter supporters. Since the beginning, we have set ourselves the goal to create a durable product which we wanted to continuously improve and further adapt to your needs and wishes by providing regular firmware updates. Our long-term users know that we usually release a major update around the beginning of summer. As summer isn’t quite here yet, we are happy to shorten the waiting time with a new firmware version for the Nuki Smart Lock 1.0 and 2.0 as well as for the Nuki Opener.

Improved Bluetooth speed

To give you the best user experience, our development team has been able to significantly increase the Bluetooth speed again. This improvement makes data-intensive inquiries noticeably faster. This mainly affects processes like retrieving the activity log and navigating through the administration. Since this data is transmitted via Bluetooth either from the Smart Lock to the smartphone or alternatively from the Smart Lock to the Bridge, the Bluetooth transmission rate plays a particularly important role here. In addition, the reduced transmission time and further optimisations in Bluetooth advertising can save energy, so that the batteries will last longer thanks to the new update.

Enhanced firmware process

Regular firmware updates are an important matter for us. An updated firmware not only ensures the full range of functionalities of your Nuki products but also guarantees maximum security. In order to make the update process as smooth as possible, we have now optimized it thoroughly. By improving the Bluetooth speed, the entire update process has been massively accelerated, so that the update will take less than 10 seconds in future. Since your electronic door lock and your Opener were just prepared for this process with this update, the speed boost will only be noticeable with the next firmware release.

Even smarter door sensor

When the door sensor was first introduced, many users wished to receive a warning whenever the door sensor detects an opening of the door while it is locked. This warning is now available! In addition, you can get a notification if your door is open for longer than the time period you defined.

Also, when using Auto Lock, it is now possible to set whether the door should be locked immediately after closing the door, or whether this should only happen after apre-defined time period. This is especially useful when you only have to leave the house for a short time to take out the garbage or get the mail. This setting saves energy by avoiding unnecessary locking operations. From now on your door will also no longer be locked automatically when the time set in the Auto Lock has expired and the door sensor detects that the door is still open. Thosefeatures were suggestions from the community, which we are happy to have implemented for you with this update.
Besides, the algorithm of the door sensor has been optimised to significantly reduce the probability of interferences.

Faster push notifications

The current firmware update is all about increased speeds in many aspects. We also could accelerate the synchronization of push notifications, making them even faster and more reliable.

Improved position detection

Before, under certain circumstances, it could happen that a Smart Lock lost its exact position. Although this was mostly not even noticed, we have now improved the position detection once again so that the Nuki Smart Lock can no longer lose its position.

One more thing…

The Nuki Opener already supports more than 900 intercom systems. The new update has further increased the compatibility with even more intercom systems. Now, for example, the popular intercom systems FERMAX VDS and FERMAX ADS are also compatible with the Nuki Opener. If your intercom was not yet compatible with the Nuki Opener, we recommend you to take another look at our compatibility check, because it could be that your intercom is now listed.

Have fun and most of all enjoy using the features we are launching with this firmware update!
Note: To use the new features you need the app version 2.6.3 (iOS) / 2.6.7 (Android).


  • New: Auto-Lock timeout can now be changed even when it is only active in Night Mode (Nuki Smart Lock 1.0 and Nuki Smart Lock 2.0
  • New: Added release of latch when door sensor detects door opening (Nuki Smart Lock 2.0)
  • New: Added warning when door sensor reports open door for a long duration. Needs to be activated in door sensor settings (Nuki Smart Lock 2.0)
  • New: Added setting to Auto-Lock which allows to disable immediate locking when door is closed (Nuki Smart Lock 2.0)
  • New: Support of further intercom systems by the Nuki Opener (Nuki Opener)
  • Changed: Auto-Lock with door sensor does not lock an opened door after the time out (Nuki Smart Lock 2.0)
  • Improvement of battery handling and lifetime (Nuki Smart Lock 1.0, Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 and Nuki Opener)
  • Increased Bluetooth speed and reliability (Nuki Smart Lock 1.0, Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 and Nuki Opener)
  • General door sensor stability improvements (Nuki Smart Lock 2.0)
  • Performance and reliability improvements, bugfixes (Nuki Smart Lock 1.0, Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 and Nuki Opener)
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