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The new Nuki Fob is here!


Sometimes good things have to end so that better can start. We have followed this principle and developed the Nuki Fob from the ground up – based on your wishes. We are proud to announce the latest generation of the Nuki Fob, which will bring along some interesting new features!

The new Nuki Fob | Nuki Smart Lock -
The entire data communication between the Nuki Fob and your Smart Lock got accelerated by up to 600%. Due to the improved signal strength, the connection can now be established much faster. In addition, the Bluetooth range was further extended reaching a distance up to 15 meters (depending on your facility). As the ability to react was upgraded again, you don’t have any waiting time when it comes to the initial pairing and regular use of your Nuki Fob.

The improved material properties have massively increased the stability and durability of the new Nuki Fob. The new generation is shockproof and waterproof (IP 65) and hence more robust than ever before. So, don’t worry if your Nuki Fob ever falls to the floor. During our internal tests, the Nuki Fob also survived falls from a height of various meters. Another exciting feature is the Fob’s long-lasting battery life. The Nuki Fob was tested with around 60,000 locking processes. If you lock your door about 10 times a day, this leads to a battery life of more than 10 years!

The new Nuki Fob comes in an attractive design: stylish and stable. Due to its pleasant feel and its handy shape, it can easily be stored in any trouser pocket or key ring. However, not only the appearance of the Nuki Fob has been improved – it is also 100 times smarter than the previous model. This implies that the next generation of the Nuki Fob can be authorised for up to 100 Smart Locks. Look and quality have been improved – and best of all: Despite the various new features the sales price of 39 Euro remains the same!

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