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Nuki app update – battery percentage indicator and new Smart Lock setup process
Nuki » Blog » Nuki News » Nuki app update – battery percentage indicator and new Smart Lock setup process

Nuki app update – battery percentage indicator and new Smart Lock setup process

Nuki News 01.10.2020 | Sebastian Scholz

Nuki is designed to be integrated seamlessly into your everyday life. Gone are the days of worrying whether your front door is closed and securely locked. Not only that, we are also taking the battery capacity of your Smart Lock to a whole new level with the new Nuki Power Pack. Your battery will now last up to 12 months, and you can see the charge level as a percentage in the Nuki app. This gives you enough time to plan when to charge your Power Pack.

Smart Lock battery indicator as a percentage

As a nice little bonus for all our Nuki Smart Lock customers, we have already implemented the battery percentage indicator feature for all batteries types used to power your Nuki Smart Lock. You can find the charge level of your Smart Lock as a percentage in the “Administration” section of the app (version 2.7.0 or higher) under “Battery”. Please note that your Smart Lock software must also be up-to-date for this feature to be visible in your app.

battery percentage indicator and new Smart Lock setup process

Optimised setup process

Coming home is a special feeling, one that creates a sense of security inside your own four walls. Your Nuki Smart Lock is designed to reinforce this sentiment on a day-to-day basis. And not just when it comes to everyday use, but also when you set up your products for the first time. That’s why we’ve overhauled the setup process. This means all new users have the option of tailoring their Nuki Smart Lock to their individual needs right from the very start as part of the new setup process.

battery percentage indicator and new Smart Lock setup process

Further innovations + Outlook

In addition to the Nuki Smart Lock, we also want to make the battery level of your Keypad more transparent. That’s why we will also be making a battery alert available for the Nuki Keypad with the next app update in November. Incidentally, you can already receive this alert via Nuki Web, provided you have the latest software installed on your Smart Lock and Nuki Keypad.

We will also be implementing the additional protection for the Nuki app, which we rolled out for iOS in September, for Android too.

PS: Did you know your Nuki Smart Lock has a night mode? It lets you set your electronic door lock perfectly for the cold season – especially now as the days are getting shorter again. The energy saving mode on the Smart Lock can be activated overnight for a duration of your choice, and the door can be automatically locked all the way. In addition, both the Auto Unlock and Auto Lock functions can be controlled even more precisely using the night mode.

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Sebastian Scholz
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