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Nuki Update 2019: Winter is coming - be prepared
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Nuki Update 2019: Winter is coming – be prepared

Nuki News 29.10.2019 | Sebastian Scholz

The first leaves start falling from the trees and the days become shorter and shorter. As soon as your favourite tea is taken out of the back corner of the kitchen cupboard, it’s time to start thinking about the dark season.

Especially when it gets colder outside, the number of house and flat burglaries often increases. That’s why we’ve made the Nuki Smart Lock, which already protects your home from uninvited guests, even smarter with the latest firmware and app updates. We present: the Nuki night mode.

The night mode offers you new features that are especially beneficial during the winter months. At individually definable times, certain settings of your Smart Lock can now be automatically deactivated or activated:

Even smarter Auto Unlock

Are your children afraid of the dark? Then it is even more important that no unnecessary noises disturb their sleep. With Nuki night mode you make sure that Nuki only unlocks automatically when you set it in the app.
More information about Auto Unlock

Temporally controlled Auto Lock

Since the beginning, the Auto Lock feature has been one of the most frequently requested features, as it ensures that you never forget to lock your door again. With the night mode we take this feature to a new level. Now you can choose whether the Auto Lock function will always be activated in the future or only overnight.
More information about Auto Lock

Double locked is safer

During the day it may be more convenient to lock the Nuki Smart Lock only once. But at night, protecting your own home is a priority. The night mode allows you to set a certain time at which your door locks automatically

Reduced power consumption ensures longer battery life

You can set the power saving mode manually in the administration of your Smart Lock. For example, a faster power mode speeds up the connection between your Smart Lock and your phone. When night mode is activated, energy consumption is greatly reduced overnight. So you save energy while sleeping!
More information about battery life

With these new features, your Nuki Smart Lock becomes winterproof and you are ready for the cold days!

To activate the Nuki night mode, you need: Android and iOS App Version 2.5.0 / Smart Lock 1.0 Firmware Version 1.8.0 / Smart Lock 2.0 Firmware Version 2.6.2.

Sebastian Scholz
Nerd? Designer? Smart Home enthusiast? Probably a little bit of everything. I am fascinated by new technology, different ways of thinking, and cat videos. Trekkie? Warsie? I'd say about 30:70 – I don't like seeing things in black and white, although I'd make an exception for interior design.