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Order the Nuki Opener today!

Nuki News 09.09.2019 | Nuki

Update november 2021:
If you use the Nuki Opener in parallel to the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, you currently need the Nuki Bridge.

Nuki turns your smartphone into a digital key – this is the vision we’ve been committed to for nearly five years now. And now we’re taking this idea one step further: The new, retrofittable Nuki Opener – available right now – allows you to use the Nuki app to control your intercom system and even open the front door of your building.

"Now people who rent or own flats can also enjoy keyless access to their homes, all the way from the street to their homes."
Martin Pansy, CEO Nuki Home Solutions

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The Nuki Opener

The Nuki Opener represents the next logical step in our vision of an all-encompassing smart access system. When retrofitted to your existing intercom system, it gives you direct control over the intercom and front door via the Nuki app. That’s our vision: one app, one ecosystem, one solution for every door.

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