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Order the Nuki Opener today!

Nuki News 09.09.2019 | Nuki

Nuki turns your smartphone into a digital key – this is the vision we’ve been committed to for nearly five years now. And now we’re taking this idea one step further: The new, retrofittable Nuki Opener – available right now – allows you to use the Nuki app to control your intercom system and even open the front door of your building.

"Now people who rent or own flats can also enjoy keyless access to their homes, all the way from the street to their homes."
Martin Pansy, CEO Nuki Home Solutions

The Nuki Opener

The Nuki Opener represents the next logical step in our vision of an all-encompassing smart access system. When retrofitted to your existing intercom system, it gives you direct control over the intercom and front door via the Nuki app. That’s our vision: one app, one ecosystem, one solution for every door.


Open your door via the app
The Open feature allows you to control the buzzer of your intercom system, using the Nuki app. Combined with the Nuki Bridge, you can even do so while you’re away – allowing you to open the door to your building for friends, family members, and delivery people when you aren’t in.

Ring to Open
The Ring to Open feature allows you to open the front door to your building at the push of a button. The Nuki Opener recognises that an authorised person is approaching the door and activates the buzzer as soon as the person rings the right doorbell.

Ring suppression
You can use the ring suppression feature to prevent the doorbell from ringing whenever you use the Ring to Open feature for yourself. The doorbell will, of course, still ring whenever someone else presses it.

Continuous mode
The continuous mode is a particularly useful feature for businesses and people renting out holiday flats. You can use it to set fixed times at which the buzzer is automatically triggered whenever someone rings the bell. This allows your Airbnb guests to conveniently access the building even without the Nuki app.

The button on the Nuki Opener makes it possible to activate these modes even without a smartphone. So that you can, for example, activate or deactivate the continuous mode at the push of a button.

Never miss a delivery again

Among other things, the Nuki Opener makes missed delivery slips a thing of the past for online shoppers. Use it in combination with the Nuki Smart Lock to remotely grant the postman access to your flat, and now the front door of your building as well. If you add an indoor camera, you can keep an eye on the whole process as well.

Keyless access all the way from the street to your flat

It goes without saying that the new Nuki Opener makes your day-to-day life easier even when don’t shop online. If you had a Nuki Smart Lock and lived in an apartment building, you still couldn’t do without your keys entirely until now. This, however, is a thing of the past from now!

"I live in an apartment building, and it has always frustrated me that I could open the door to my flat the 'smart' way, but not the front door of the building. For example, along with my Apple Watch with my music and the Nuki app, I used to have to take my old front door key with me whenever I went out. The Nuki Opener takes care of this problem for me – now I can use the Ring to Open feature to open both the front door and the door to my flat from my Apple Watch!"
Stephan L. (Berlin)


There’s an enormous variety of different intercom systems. Unlike cylinder locks, there’s no defined standard when it comes to the way they’re made or how they process signals. For this reason, we will not be compatible with all systems right from the start. There are some systems that we might never be able to support for technical reasons. This is why our compatibility check was created. It allows you to easily find out whether your intercom system is already compatible with the Nuki Opener or not. If you find out that it isn’t compatible, then simply use the compatibility check to send us the model and your email address. We will notify you as soon as your system has been verified.

Find out now if your intercom system is compatible!


We’re so glad that the Nuki Opener allows us to close the gap between the door to your building and the door to your flat. It goes without saying that we haven’t yet reached the end our mission to create ever more efficient and ever more convenient access solutions. We’re constantly working on new solutions, and in doing so, we put particular trust in feedback from people like you who use Nuki on a daily basis. So, you may continue to be excited about what is yet to come.

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