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We present the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0, 3.0 Pro, and other product-related news, taking “smart - simple - secure” to the next level.
Nuki » Blog » Nuki News » We present the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0, 3.0 Pro, and other product-related news, taking “smart – simple – secure” to the next level.

We present the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0, 3.0 Pro, and other product-related news, taking “smart – simple – secure” to the next level.

Nuki News 04.11.2021 | Christine Deniz

Five years ago we entered the market to change the way we access homes. Leaving old mechanical keys behind and replacing them with a digital key stored on our smartphones. Although there are still only 1.5 percent of locks in Europe equipped with a digital lock, we have made our way to being the market leader for retrofit smart locks in Europe and see ourselves at the forefront of the transition from physical to digital keys. Smart, simple and secure: Nuki products are used today in more than 200.000 households all over Europe.

“With today’s launch we are setting new standards in many ways: The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, the first-ever battery-powered smart door lock in Europe with integrated wi-fi, is the smartest of its kind. Setting up a remote connection for your lock has never been more simple. New features make the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro the smartest digital door lock on the market. Our third-generation Nuki Smart Lock is also available as an affordable entry-level model for only 149 €.
But there is more to come: Our new, external door sensor provides a reliable status indication of your door. As an ideal solution for those whose locking cylinder is not compatible with Nuki, we have developed the Nuki Universal Cylinder. In addition to the Smart Locks, the Nuki Bridge and the Nuki Opener are now also available in elegant white, fitting in seamlessly with your existing home entrance area.”
Martin Pansy, founder and CEO of Nuki

Watch Nuki CEO Martin Pansy presenting the latest product news


Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro: “Welcome home” redefined

The new Smart Lock 3.0 Pro is available in two high-quality colour versions: black/silver and white/silver. The new, elegant colours fit in with almost any entrance area and impress with new features.

Included wi-fi for remote access
The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro comes with an integrated wi-fi module. A separate bridge for remote control and integration into your smart home is no longer needed. (If you use the Nuki Opener in parallel to the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, you will need the Nuki Bridge.)

Integrated Power Pack
The Pro version of the electronic door lock includes the Nuki Power Pack – the sustainable alternative to batteries.

A new definition of “Coming home”


Meet the new Smart Lock 3.0 Pro

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0: The electronic door lock for your home

The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 is the perfect introduction into the smart home world. This digital door lock offers all the features of the last product generation at a more attractive price point. Its most popular features are:

  • Open doors via Auto Unlock: Your door will unlock automatically when you approach. There is no need to take your phone out of your pocket.
  • Assign secure access permissions: Share your digital keys with family and friends via the Nuki app.
  • Always remain in control: Via the Nuki app, you can check who has unlocked your door at what time.
  • Easy to install: Just like all Nuki products, the Smart Lock 3.0 is easy to install without changing the existing cylinder. The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 gets mounted on the inside of your door within minutes, no screws and drilling necessary.

The entirely white design of the Smart Lock 3.0 fits in seamlessly with almost any entrance area. Just like all Nuki products, the Smart Lock 3.0 is compatible with the entire Nuki product portfolio making upgrades easy for you. The Nuki Bridge for remote access, the Nuki Power Pack, the Keypad, the Fob, and the Opener are available as separate products.

This is how Nuki makes your everyday life easier


Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 and 3.0 Pro feature overview

Compare the two product versions

Smart home integrations: Use Nuki with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and many more

The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 and 3.0 Pro differ in some features, but the high compatibility with all common smart home systems is guaranteed for both Smart Locks. So you can control both versions of the new Nuki Smart Lock with smart assistants like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
In addition, Nuki is compatible with the following smart home hubs: IFTTT, homee, Homey, Mediola, iHaus, Olisto, and Home Connect Plus.
Nuki can also be connected to video doorbells like DoorBird and ring.

Full focus on security: External certification and an improved Nuki Door Sensor

The nagging voice in the back of your mind asking you whether you have locked the door is one of the most unwelcome distractions during the long-awaited vacation. A reliable display of the door status is just as important as the reliability of the Smart Lock itself. Because the previous internal door sensor didn’t fully meet our quality requirements, we set out to completely re-design it. The new version consists of two parts, a sensor and a magnet thus making it more reliable than its predecessor. Depending on the structural conditions of your door, the door sensor can be mounted at different positions on the door frame and on the door. Via the Nuki app, the Nuki Door Sensor will display the status of your door at any given time. In case your door has been open for too long or you are trying to lock the door while it’s still open, the Nuki app will send you a warning.
You can find more information about installation, functions and technical details of the Door Sensor in our help section.

Discover the Nuki Door Sensor

Safety confirmed by experts

For our smart access solutions, we continue to rely on certified end-to-end encryption, a system that is also used in online banking. We are proud that the latest Smart Lock generation has also been certified as “Secure Smart Home Products” by the independent German IT security institute AV-TEST.

Nuki Bridge and Nuki Opener in white. Simple elegance for your home

Also, our smart accessories have been matched to the new design of the Smart Lock. The Nuki Bridge (connects your Smart Lock to the internet) and the Nuki Opener (opens the main entrance door in multi-apartment buildings) are now available in white. This way, both devices fit seamlessly into your living space.

Outlook: Upgrade program and Universal Cylinder for more compatibility

Nuki Universal Cylinder in the starting blocks

The smart home market is booming and electronic door locks, in particular, have huge potential. Only about 1.5 percent of doors in Europe have a smart door lock installed. While Nuki is compatible with the most common European lock cylinders, in some cases a cylinder replacement may be necessary. The most frequent reason for this is the missing emergency function, without which we do not recommend the use of our Nuki Smart Lock.
To make even more doors smart, we have developed our own Nuki locking cylinder together with the industry experts of M&C – more than secure. The Universal Cylinder can be easily adapted to different door dimensions. This modular cylinder meets the highest security standards* and will be available in the Nuki Online Shop from early 2022.

*corresponds to security class SKG***, for external doors drilling protection, impact protection and core pull protection is guaranteed

That is how the Nuki Smart Lock is mounted on the door:
Nuki Installation

Upgrade program for all Smart Lock users of the first and second generation

Our loyal community is important to us! Therefore we offer all users of previous Nuki Smart Lock generations an attractive and easy upgrade program. Do you own a Nuki Smart Lock of any generation and want to upgrade to the new generation? With the start of our upgrade program in February, you will receive a free Nuki Door sensor (value 39 €) with the purchase of a Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro.

Learn more about our upgrade program

Limited quantity – be among the first to be notified!

For the launch, only limited quantities of all new products are available. Delivery will be on a first come first serve basis. You can sign up via the Nuki Online Shop to get notified as soon as your desired product is on stock. The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 will be available in early December, the Pro version in mid-November.

Christine Deniz
I belong to those who claim to "not really know their way around technology". It is therefore important to me that complex processes are presented in an understandable and simple way. What fascinates me about Smart Lock technology is the fact that it not only replaces the key - the central element of a home - but also extends it. An innovation for everyone, not just for techies.