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Nuki App Update für Android & iOS - Verbesserte Usability bei der Geräteverwaltung
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Nuki app update for Android & iOS – improved usability for device management

Nuki News 21.06.2019 | Judith Wilfing

We are always trying to improve, and we greatly value the feedback we receive from our community. Since the Nuki product range has grown over the past months, it was necessary to update the Nuki app. Specifically, we overhauled the app menu and improved device management, focusing on the two criteria of clarity and usability.

What are the new features?

For one, the Nuki app now also supports the Opener, the newest member of the Nuki product family (announced in the blog post “Step into the world of smart living”). The Nuki Opener is a retrofit solution for your existing intercom system. You can find out whether your intercom is compatible and ready for an upgrade by using our compatibility check.

By incorporating the Opener into the smart lifestyle of our customers who live in buildings with multiple flats, we were able to fulfil a frequent request from the community. The Nuki Opener was designed to be compatible with the entire Nuki product range. At the same time, it constitutes an important milestone on Nuki’s journey.

How has the app menu changed?

To make the Nuki app easier to navigate, we have streamlined the app menu. You can now find all Smart Locks and Openers in the menu under “Overview” (as opposed to “All Smart Locks”). “Manage my devices” takes you to a screen that combines the former functions “Add Smart Lock”, “Manage Bridge”, “Manage Keypad”, and “Manage Fob”. Furthermore, “Enter invitation code” was given its own place in the app menu.

How do I access the new device management?

We have optimised the area for managing and adding new devices for iOS and Android smartphones. To access it on your smartphone, open the Nuki app, go to the app menu in the top left corner, and select “Manage my devices”.

Nuki App

In this screen, select the device you want to manage. Clear product images will help you find the right device. For example, if you want to set up the electronic door lock for your front door, select “Smart Lock”. You can also manage all of the convenient Nuki extensions such as the Bridge, Keypad, or Fob. Starting now, this list also includes the Nuki Opener – the smart door lock for the main entrance of your building.

The app update includes a few major changes that Nuki users won’t notice right away, but which constitute important background features that were essential for the functionality of the Nuki app and support for the Opener. This is a staged rollout, which means all of our users will receive an update in their Nuki app within the next 7 days.

Judith Wilfing
For me, Smart Home means: lifestyle & making everyday life easier. Electronic door lock, smartwatch and voice assistant - three smart gadgets that accompany my daily life. Every technological development has new and exciting tools at hand. Pure variety!