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Nuki Club: Our initiative for all existing and new Nuki customers
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Nuki Club: Our initiative for all existing and new Nuki customers

Nuki News 03.09.2020 | Judith Wilfing

Together we are working on smart, digital access solutions for the future. From the very beginning, we have been guided by the thought of a strong community and the people who use our products every day. With their active feedback, they have continuously contributed to the continued development of the Nuki product range in recent years. We took this guiding principle as an opportunity to consider how we could create a format for our existing and new customers. This resulted in the Nuki Club, which is aimed at all owners and users of our products and enables them to get even more out of their smart access system – and all free of charge and with no obligations.

Why does the Nuki Club exist?

It’s quite simple – because we value our Nuki community! Many of you have known and used Nuki for a long time, while others only recently opted for our smart access solutions. But there is one thing we all agree on: Nuki should adapt seamlessly to our needs and integrate perfectly into our day-to-day lives in our Smart Homes. That is why we need and promote interaction with the community, because we can only continue to improve through honest customer feedback. On the one hand, when it comes to app and firmware releases, we can react as quickly as possible with the help of our strong developer community via the Nuki Developer Forum. On the other hand, the constant interaction with users enables us to integrate any desired feature into our product roadmap at an early stage. This has already resulted in a number of new products, including the Nuki Keypad and the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 with Apple HomeKit integration.

What is the Nuki Club and who is it aimed at?

The Nuki Club was established as an initiative for all existing and new Nuki customers. The idea behind it is that a strong community is the basis for corporate success. After all, the Nuki success story demonstrates this very clearly: Nuki would not be as successful as it is today without the unbelievable support from countless Kickstarter backers in 2015 and over 150,000 satisfied customers. The Nuki Club is our way of saying thank you by launching a customer program with numerous benefits for all owners and active Nuki users. The only requirement is that you have our smart access solutions – such as the Nuki Smart Lock and the Nuki Opener – and are already actively using them. It doesn’t matter to us how long you’ve been a customer or where you bought your products. You just need to be an active user or administrator of the device in the Nuki app. As an existing and new customer, you can sign up for free. Registration only takes a few minutes, and you can take advantage of all the benefits of the Nuki Club free of charge.

What advantages does the Nuki Club offer?

The Nuki Club was created with the aim of offering an individual exchange platform where you can find out more about applications, enhancements and networking opportunities from Nuki with your individual Smart Home. You will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Welcome gift: To celebrate your membership and to officially welcome you to our Nuki Club community, you will receive a gift voucher with our newsletter on the first day of the month. You can redeem this in the Nuki Online Shop and use it to upgrade your home with smart enhancements.
  • Insider information: In this closed community, we exclusively share all the latest exciting Nuki news about our products and features with our club members before anyone else. For new product announcements, our loyal, long-standing Nuki users are entitled to exclusive pre-sales, even for limited quantities.
  • Exclusive partner offers: You will also benefit from attractive offers and discount deals, which can be redeemed at special Smart Home partners. You will also receive helpful tips on product usage and interesting information on improving your experience with our Nuki products.
  • Referral program: As a customer of the Nuki Online Shop, you are entitled to take part in the multi-level Nuki referral program and, depending on the number of successful recommendations you make to friends, acquaintances and relatives, you will receive attractive goodies. Your friends won’t leave empty-handed either – they will each receive an individual discount voucher for their first order in the Nuki Online Shop.

Where and how can you sign up to the Nuki Club?

Registering with the Nuki Club is easy and only takes a few minutes. There are different ways you can register for free as a new customer:
Nuki Online Shop: If you order your products in our Online Shop, you can register immediately after the purchase process has been completed.
Nuki app – setup: If you already have your products at home, you can register as part of the initial setup process for your products.
Nuki app – sidebar menu: As an existing customer who has been using Nuki for a long time, you can log in via the sidebar menu of your iOS or Android app.

Nuki Club App Screenhot

After successfully registering with the Nuki Club, you will have your own sequence for the Nuki Club in the “My Account” section. Here you can view your benefits, actively manage them and adjust your preferences to suit your needs. Your Club account is protected with individual login details (username and password), which are identical to those used for the “My Account” section. The easiest way to get started is directly via the sidebar menu in your Nuki app.

Judith Wilfing
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