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Nuki & Google Nest - How Smart Home supports your daily life
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Nuki & Google Nest – How Smart Home supports your daily life

Smart Home 19.09.2019 | Angela de Monte

Planning a romantic get together but you totally run out of time? You want to prepare an amazing dinner, but you are a complete newcomer when it comes to cooking? Smart Home devices, such as the Google Nest Hub and the Nuki Smart Lock are here to help you at any time during your preparations. Because Smart Home is so much more than just a few gadgets that have been installed in your home. It provides you with convenience exactly when you need it.

Google Nest and Nuki devices could save your first date

Good planning is half the battle. Sounds easy, but we all know there are still situations when time simply runs too fast. Imagine you are inviting somebody you like to a nice dinner. You are a beginner when it comes to cooking, but how hard can it be? As long as you have a plan, there’s nothing that could go wrong, right? You went shopping for groceries already in the morning, got dressed nicely and you’ve just started kneading the dough for a pizza. You have even started your Google Nest Hub to show you how to do it right. Suddenly, your doorbell rings and as you check who’s standing in front of your door via your Google Nest Hello, you realize your date is already here. What should you do?

If you ask us, the solution is easy and all you need is your voice. Open your door with your Nuki Smart Lock, so your date doesn’t have to wait in front of your door too long. And while you clean your hands from the dough, simply order a pizza with your Google Nest Hub. This will make sure that your dinner is ready and delivered to you before you two have finished your first drink. Things do not always go as planned, but we help you to make your life easier and smarter, no matter the surprises.

Angela de Monte
I got my first Smart Home gadget when I didn’t want to get out of bed earlier to heat up my espresso machine. Now all kinds of devices make my everyday life more convenient and even more secure. Why should I still bother my neighbor to look after my home when my Smart Home can take care of everything on its own when I’m away?