Nuki works with Apple HomeKit
Apple HomeKit

Nuki & Apple HomeKit

Thanks to Apple HomeKit, the Nuki Smart Lock can now also be conveniently controlled with Siri. You can manage your electronic door lock through the Apple Home App and easily integrate it into your Smart Home system.

Your HomeKit integration code can be found on the bottom of your Smart Lock and in the booklet included in the Smart Lock package.

Homekit Code

You can use the following features with your electronic door lock:

  • The door can be locked and unlocked with Siri, or with the Home app via HomePod, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch
  • Ultra-fast notifications on your smartphone, Apple Watch etc. when the status of your Smart Lock changes, e.g. from unlocked to locked
  • Inviting other Apple users to control your entire HomeKit home – including your Smart Lock – with the Home app
  • Integrating your Nuki Smart Lock into automations or scenes
    • Possible automation triggers
      • Person arriving
      • Person leaving
      • A specific time
      • When another device is controlled
    • Possible scenes:
      • Nuki opens the door automatically via Auto Unlock when you come home and at the same time the thermostat is turned up and the light in the hallway turns on. So practical!

Please note:

Apple does not allow integration of the Nuki Bridge. You need to have a device with Apple Control Center (e.g. HomePod, Apple TV) to control your Smart Lock remotely. Without such a device, you can only control the Smart Lock via HomeKit within Bluetooth range.

To use Nuki with HomeKit, simply open the Home app on your iPhone and scan the HomeKit code on the Nuki Smart Lock.