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Smart Christmas: 5 smart Christmas gift ideas

Get Inspired 30.11.2020 | Christine Deniz

The countdown has started – Christmas is just around the corner and it is time again to get presents for your loved ones. Are you looking for something special? Would you like to give things that they will use regularly, not just once a year like that ugly Christmas sweater?

If thoughtless gifts aren’t your thing, we recommend you look into smart devices. If your loved ones are already fans of smart technology, then they will be delighted by every addition to their “collection”. But for those who might not even know what exactly smart devices are, this sort of present is also the perfect way to get started in the world of Smart Homes.

We have put together a list of 5 smart ideas for Christmas – of course, we also explain how these can be used in everyday life. There is something for every budget and any lifestyle.

Smart grill to savour the perfect steak

All steak lovers know how hard it is to get a steak just right. It’s even more frustrating when you have paid a lot of money for premium meat that then ends up overdone. A smart contact grill, such as the Tefal Optigrill Elite, reliably gives the perfect result every time. The grill automatically detects the relevant factors, such as the thickness of the meat and the number of pieces, so that it can calculate the cooking time and temperature automatically. An intuitive grilling assistant leads you through the process step by step, so nothing can go wrong.

Smart lighting

Smart lights, such as those from Eve (which work with Apple HomeKit) or Philips Hue, offer endless possibilities to create special ambiences in your own home. With the Hue Bridge, you can even control your lights remotely. This means you can improve your security by deterring burglars. Or you can switch on the fairy lights on the tree for the kids and have them shine in countless different colours. If you incorporate Philips Hue lights into your Smart Home set up, it’s easy to link things together, e.g. by using IFTTT. Then you can give your imagination free rein. You can even link them to your smart door lock so that all your Christmas lights switch on automatically as soon as you open the door with your Nuki Smart Lock.

Smart Home gadgets for women

The outdated idea that “technology is not for women” still persists to some extent today. The assumption that technology companies tailor their products primarily to a male target group and mainly focus their marketing on (young) men seems justified. Just offering tech gadgets in pink does nothing to change that. Women seem to have different demands to men when it comes to technology: they aren’t impressed by having more than 100 different features. What’s important is that it has clear practical benefits and works well. But of course, it also has to look the part. Here are our two recommendations:

Smart jewellery

These days, smartphones have become a significant source of stress for many, as we usually react immediately when they ring or vibrate. A digital detox is one good way to get some peace and quiet back, but turning off their smartphone is not really an option for most people. A smart ring, such as one from ringly, lets you filter the constant stream of notifications. For example, it can be configured so that the ring only lights up for calls or incoming emails. This piece of smart jewellery also tracks your movements in your daily life and features a panic button (an emergency function that informs your contacts when something happens to you).

Smarter sports bra

Don’t worry, we’ll spare you the usual message that you have to lose those Christmas pounds. Running is definitely good for you – all year round! To make your workout really efficient and avoid pushing yourself too hard, it is important to keep an eye on your heart rate. But the typical chest straps for heart rate monitoring are not ideal for women, as a sports bra can cause them to easily slip and chafe. A smarter sports bra, such as the one from Adidas, solves this problem with integrated heart rate sensors.

Nuki Keypad Combo – your exclusive Christmas offer

What can an electronic door lock do that a key can’t? The answer: something that will make your daily routine easier. The Nuki Smart Lock digitises the process of coming home, by turning your smartphone into a smart key. Or alternatively, the Nuki Smart Lock enables access to your house or apartment by entering a 6-digit access code on the Nuki Keypad. In the Nuki App, you also have the possibility to manage access rights and let your loved ones in, even when you’re not at home yourself. These digital spare keys are easy to customise, for example to allow the cleaner to only let themselves in on Mondays. This saves time, stress, and money, as there are no other costs with the Nuki Smart Lock.

Merry Christmas and open the door for your loved ones – with Nuki.

Christine Deniz
I belong to those who claim to "not really know their way around technology". It is therefore important to me that complex processes are presented in an understandable and simple way. What fascinates me about Smart Lock technology is the fact that it not only replaces the key - the central element of a home - but also extends it. An innovation for everyone, not just for techies.