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The ultimate Christmas Checklist for relaxing holidays
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The ultimate Christmas Checklist for relaxing holidays

Get Inspired 01.12.2020 | Leticia Schmied-Costa

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Lights, trees, and joy are all over. Getting organized is the best way to guarantee you’ll have more holiday cheer and less stress. This checklist will help you to organize all tasks smartly and not forget anything.

Make a family plan

Are you going to invite your parents for Christmas, or are you visiting your parents and in-laws? If you are hosting, a smart way to avoid stress on Christmas is to have a Nuki Smart Lock and share smart access with your family. You can give them digital access once, regularly, or anytime you want. Are you still getting ready, and your guests have arrived? No problem! Nuki opens the door for your loved ones for you.

Write a gift list

If you have a big family, it can be hard to keep track of everyone—let alone their Christmas gifts. Good thing, there are apps to help us with this task. A good example is “Santa’s bag“. It lets you create lists of recipients, set a budget per person, and even share your file. It also has a cute Christmas countdown. You won’t have any excuse anymore for forgetting someone.

Shop online

Now that you have decided what to buy, it is time to choose where to buy each gift. Especially in the current situation, online shopping is more important than ever. Remember to pay attention to the delivery time. The post office can be busy this time of year. If you live in an apartment, the Nuki Opener is a good fit for you. It makes your intercom smart, and you can control it remotely not to miss any of your deliveries.

Pick the menu

If you invite your parents over the holidays, you should prepare a menu in advance. That way you can organise what they can bring with them. After deciding the menu, start a grocery list and be sure to buy ingredients and drinks in advance to avoid crowded markets and cashier queues.

Take a break

The Christmas season can be stressful, so plan fixed times in advance in which you have to relax. Add it to your calendar because it’s as important as buying gifts. Treat yourself to a little break. No matter how many times you choose to “take it easy this year,” Christmas time can often be very overwhelming. Create some me-time. A good option can be to drive out of the city and enjoy the peace and nature. This little mental “restart” works miracles against Christmas hectic.

Shop for cards and wrapping alternatives

Once you have purchased the gifts, it’s time to wrap them up. The typical wrapping paper causes a mountain of trash the next day, and many of them, because they contain shiny plastic parts, cannot be recycled. A more sustainable alternative is fabric bags. They are reusable and can last for many Christmases. A gentle touch is to include a card with a special message.


Each country has a different custom when it comes to setting up the Christmas tree. In some countries, the tradition is to assemble the tree 12 days before Christmas. In others, the tree is not decorated until the afternoon of Christmas eve. But more important than when decorating is how to decorate it. Candles can be a nice way to make your tree look good, but there are smart ways too. If you’re already a Philips Hue user, with the Hue Bridge, the Philips Hue LED Band LightStrip Plus can be attached anywhere you want them. It’s app lets you change the colour from over 16 million options, or you can create custom light scenes. Everything can be remotely turned on or off.

Bake Christmas cookies

Is there anything better than the smell of Christmas cookies? Do not leave this activity for the last minute. Bake some of your favourite recipes the week before Christmas to have plenty of time with the day’s final preparations. If you want to try some new recipes, the app Tasty is a great way to find some inspiration.

Create a Playlist

Christmas Eve: The smell of Christmas food and the Christmas decoration make the atmosphere very cosy. Another factor that makes the night exceptional is the background music. Spotify let you create individual playlists for this time of year. Do not forget to include the hits “Silent Night,” “All I want for Christmas is you” and “Last Christmas.”

Nuki wishes you a Merry Christmas, good health and all the best for the coming year.

Leticia Schmied-Costa
I have a creative and curious mind, always looking to learn something new at all times. I find it fascinating how Smart Devices can make day-to-day easier for everyone, leaving people with time to do what really matters in life.