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ClimatePartner confirms Nuki as a climate neutral company
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ClimatePartner confirms Nuki as a climate neutral company

Nuki News 12.05.2020 | Judith Wilfing

Since the very beginning of Nuki, sustainability has been one of our defined values. Therefore, we are happy to inform you that Nuki works climate neutral now. We have achieved this goal through numerous climate-friendly measures taken within the company and through the financial compensation of unavoidable emissions. Together with ClimatePartner we support a climate protection project in Nanyang Danjiang, China.

Smart sustainability at Nuki

The company value “Sustainability” is not only supported and actively lived by our CEO, Martin Pansy, but also by the whole Nuki team at the headquarters in Graz, Austria. As some of you already know, the Nuki Smart Lock is manufactured in Europe, which also results in a significantly shorter transport distance. We also attach great importance to “Green Mobility” and use electricity for all our company cars. Furthermore, Nuki offers the following benefits: Every employee receives a mobility grant, especially for climate-friendly travels by bike and the use of public transport. In the Nuki office we are offered fresh organic fruits and vegetables as well as fruit juices from regional producers. Although there have been numerous efforts towards climate neutrality right from the start, there are still inevitable emissions. Together with ClimatePartner, we compensate for these emissions by supporting an internationally recognised carbon offset project.

“Climate protection and the economy shouldn’t be in opposition to each other. I am very happy that we have found a reliable alliance in ClimatePartner being able to implement this goal so early in our company’s history. It personally matters to me that our company works climate neutral.”
Martin Pansy, CEO Nuki Home Solutions GmbH

ClimatePartner as a facilitator in climate protection

All ClimatePartner projects are certified in accordance with the highest international standards. The verification of the implemented measures on-site is done by independent third parties. Therefore, the TÜV-Austria-certified process of ClimatePartner stands for security and credibility in climate protection. In concrete terms, we received the following support in the process:

1. Determination of CO2 emissions

At the beginning, ClimatePartner records the relevant CO2 emission sources of the company. The analysis and annual update of our balance sheet enables the implementation and control of measures how Nuki as a company can further avoid and reduce CO2.

2. Compensation of CO2 emissions through a climate protection project

Climate protection projects help to lower CO2 emissions – for example through reforestation measures or the replacement of climate-damaging technologies. Nuki compensates the greenhouse gases by supporting the carbon offset project “1089, Solar Energy, Nanyang Danjiang, China”.

3. Traceability of the CO2 compensation

Thanks to the ClimatePartner process with an order-related ID number, climate neutrality is transparently comprehensible. If a company participates, it receives the label “climate neutral” and a certificate with further information. In addition, all climate-neutral companies are listed on the Climate Map, including Nuki.

Carbon offset project using solar energy

In Xichuan, a rural region in the Chinese province of Henan, the majority of people lives in modest conditions. The cooking process is done on small coal stoves, which cause considerable CO2 emissions, especially when being projected to the entire population.

Our Nuki Smart Locks are climate-neutral because we offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions with a financial contribution to a climate protection project. Climate protection projects save CO2 – for example, through reforestation measures or the replacement of climate-damaging technologies with eco-friendly alternatives.

The carbon offset project of ClimatePartner provides families with simple but highly efficient solar cookers. In this process, sunlight is bundled by parabolic mirrors and concentrated directly on the cooking vessel. By now, 100,000 stoves have already been distributed. Thus, more than 350,000 people benefit directly from this support.

The use of solar cookers reduces not only emissions, but also leads to a sustainable improvement through secondary effects. The affected population does not need coal and thereby saves money. At the same time, the health-damaging smoke from coal stoves used is completely avoided. This climate protection initiative has positive effects on all the surrounding forests and hence protects the entire ecosystem. Moreover, local jobs are created by the production of the ovens. In total, we were able to compensate for almost 250,000 kg of CO2.

“Sustainability has a high significance for me. That is why I attach great importance to the fact that my employer also takes the responsibility of climate protection seriously and takes appropriate measures. Every Nuki employee makes a personal contribution.”
Thomas Kothgasser, Lead in the Nuki & ClimatePartner climate protection project


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