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What over 1500 customer ratings on Amazon mean for Nuki

Nuki News 09.02.2021 | Julian Koch

As part of our mission to open up new paths into our own four walls, we have experienced many successes along the way, but also some small setbacks. Since beginning our journey, we have believed that great things can only be achieved together. That’s why we have valued customer feedback since day one and make sure that valuable opinions aren’t just stuffed in a drawer but are used to develop solutions that simplify our customers’ lives.

Our mission – unlocking new ways to get home

We’ve now received over 1,500 Amazon ratings and can look back on how your suggestions and feedback have helped us improve day by day.

Since late 2018, our development team has released more than 70 app updates for iOS and Android. In addition to major stability improvements, we have incorporated numerous customer suggestions: Features such as convenient widget control, push notifications, viewing the door status and improved barrier-free use bring more comfort and security to your home.

iOS: 4,6☆, 1.600 ratings
Android: 4,6☆, 5.900 ratings

With regular firmware updates, we want to provide you with long-awaited new functions and useful improvements and optimisations for your products. Having released over 25 of these firmware updates to date, we are proud of the Auto Unlock feature and the improved Bluetooth speed that makes those annoying waiting times at the front door are a thing of the past. In addition, thanks to regular updates, our Nuki Opener is now compatible with 900 intercom systems, bringing the advantages of smart access to apartment buildings too.

Based on your feedback, we have prioritised these features

Our customers often contact us via support requests, email or on social media to tell us how Nuki can be used even better in everyday life. All these inspiring ideas stimulate our creativity and help the entire team implement just the right features to ensure true comfort.

Nuki Night Mode
With the night mode, Nuki automatically locks your door at night. You can set a custom time window in which the door is double-bolted, and the energy-saving mode is activated. What’s more, Auto Unlock and Auto Lock can be controlled even more precisely.

More in-depth battery status information
Always know in advance when your batteries need to be changed or charged – the exact battery level in percent can be accessed in the app. Both the Smart Lock and the Keypad send a warning to the Nuki app as soon as the battery level falls below 20%.

Biometric authentication
Biometric authentication provides additional safety to the Nuki app with features such as TouchID (fingerprint), FaceID or security code. This ensures your Nuki iOS app can only be opened by the people you authorise.

When customer feedback turns into a product

One of the questions we’re often asked is: How do I get into my home if the batteries in my Smart Lock run out? Although there are many different ways to unlock your door, even if the batteries are dead – with the help of your feedback, we have integrated functions on several levels to ensure you don’t end up in that situation in the first place. As soon as the voltage of the batteries falls below 20%, for example, the Nuki app will notify you, giving you enough time to change the batteries. On top of that, the front door can still be locked with the physical key thanks to the emergency function.
Nevertheless, based on your feedback, we are aware of the need to ensure even more independence. That’s why we developed the Nuki Power Pack – for added peace of mind:

Power Pack

  • The Nuki Power Pack provides up to 100% longer battery life compared to conventional batteries, lasting up to twelve months.
  • With the supplied USB-C cable, the Smart Lock can also be charged while in operation.
  • The rechargeable battery pack is also compatible with the first generation of the Nuki Smart Lock.

It’s time to say THANK YOU

For us, innovation is not just a catchphrase, it’s in our DNA. That’s why we are constantly looking for ways to create benefits with our products in every scenario. We want to say THANK YOU for always leaving honest customer feedback, which has helped us become the brand we are today. And we want to continue to nurture the close relationship we have with you in the future.

Julian Koch
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