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Nuki Opener: Certified Secure Smart Home Product and IFTTT Update
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Nuki Opener: Certified Secure Smart Home Product and IFTTT Update

Nuki News 28.09.2019 | Sebastian Scholz

Security issues are often discussed when it comes to Smart Home devices – and for good reason. Over the last years, countless new, partially also unknown Smart Home manufacturers entered the market – some of them disappeared again shortly thereafter. At Nuki, however, we pursue a more sustainable approach, integrating security considerations into our corporate philosophy. Therefore, we feel it is important that we can present a reliable and transparent security concept at all times, exclusively distributing products which meet our discerning security demands.

AV-Test certification of the Nuki Opener

Tests by external security institutions are crucial to what we do. The Nuki Smart Lock was once again inspected by the independent AV-Test institution in 2019 and certified as a “secure Smart Home product”. The Nuki Opener is the newest member of our product family – and our same high standards of security apply to it as well. During the certification process, the latest version of the Nuki app as well as the Nuki Bridge were tested along with the Opener.

AV-Test has already been accompanying us for several years, developing a very good understanding of our product portfolio as well as the Nuki app. This product expertise ensures a very diligent testing process. That’s why we’re all the more delighted that the Nuki Opener has also been recognised as a secure product by AV-Test:

“All aspects relevant to security have been realised and ensured in an absolutely adequate manner. When it comes to data protection, we have also determined absolutely exemplary practices.”

IFTTT availability for the Nuki Opener

Already since the market launch of the first generation of the Nuki Smart Lock, IFTTT (“If this then that”) has accompanied the use cases of the Nuki Smart Lock. We were the first provider of electronic door locks in Europe to offer you a service to very easily connect the Nuki Smart Lock with countless other Smart Home products back then – without a hub or any programming knowledge. IFTTT works with the so-called “If this, then that” principle: If one of your devices carries out a certain action, IFTTT triggers an action on a different device or service. For example, you can use it to switch off your lights when you leave the house using the Lock ‘n’ Go feature of your Nuki Smart Lock.

We wanted to make sure that the same simple principle for controlling your Smart Home was available with the Nuki Opener. The Opener offers different features than the Smart Lock, which is why we’ve created an independent service for the opener which is available starting immediately. You now have the choice between the Nuki Smart Lock Service and the Nuki Opener Service. Of course, you can also directly connect products of both services, for example to carry out a certain action on the Smart Lock whenever you use the Nuki Opener to open the main entrance door of your building. To offer some inspiration for the practically unlimited opportunities offered via IFTTT, we’ve compiled a few typical applications for you:

Unlock your front door if you open your main entrance door

Use the connection between your Smart Lock and the Opener to have your Smart Lock automatically unlock the front door as soon as you open the main entrance door of your building.

Have your smart light bulbs flash whenever the doorbell rings

Do you frequently switch off the doorbell because you or other family members don’t want to be disturbed? Or do you have a hearing impairment?
Use the doorbell recognition feature of the Nuki Opener to very easily connect your doorbell with one of your smart light bulbs, such as a Philips Hue model. When someone rings the bell, the sound is suppressed and you are notified visually instead. This way, your children can continue to sleep in peace.

De/activate continuous mode based on your calendar

You have the option of adjusting the continuous mode (in continuous mode, the main entrance door always unlocks automatically when someone rings the bell) of your Nuki Opener to your calendar. Activate continuous mode to have the Opener automatically open your main entrance door if someone rings the bell. With this IFTTT rule, the Opener is automatically activated when you have entered a certain appointment – such as a booking for your vacation home – into your calendar.

Switch on the lights when you come home

Many of you probably already have the lights switched off when leaving the home. The opposite function – having the lights switched on when you come home – is usually not possible, because there is a delay of a few seconds in executing the commands. Now, you can simply connect your lights to the action of entering the main entrance door. Your smart bulbs will already be switched on when you enter the apartment.

Of course, there are numerous other applications. We have already implemented 12 completed applets in our Nuki Opener IFTTT Service for you. Use the plus button to also create your own scenarios. There are no limits to your creativity.

We wish you great fun using the new Nuki Opener Service on IFTTT.
Please share your experiences using the service with us and our community on our social media channels and inspire countless other Nuki users.

Sebastian Scholz
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