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That's how it's done: Connecting Nuki with Alexa
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That’s how it’s done: Connecting Nuki with Alexa

Smart Home 13.11.2019 | Marcus Schwarten

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Amazon’s Alexa is currently very popular: The voice assistant enables people to play music and do a variety of tasks in the house with a voice command. The charming female voice, that lives on the servers of Amazon and is helpful in everyday life, also gets along very well with Nuki.
In the second part of our series “How it’s done”, we explain to you how to connect and control your Nuki Smart Lock with Alexa.

These are the advantages of Amazon Alexa

Play music by voice command? Check! Switch the light on or off? Check! Get the latest news and weather forecast? Check! Control the home vacuum robot while on the road? Check! These are just a few examples of what you can do with Amazon’s Alexa.

For the interaction between Alexa and Nuki to work, you must meet three conditions: You have to have a Nuki Web-Account, you have to use the Nuki Bridge, and finally you need an Echo Dot or another Alexa device, which are now available from Amazon and many other companies. With the Alexa App, you can then connect different gadgets from many manufacturers and let them perform actions via voice command or automation – such as closing your front door with “Alexa, lock the front door” using a smart door lock. And this is how it works…

How to connect your Nuki Smart Lock to Amazon Alexa

Please make sure that you have already set up your Nuki Smart Lock via the Nuki App beforehand. After downloading the free Alexa App from Amazon to your smartphone or tablet and signing up (if you haven’t already done so), simply proceed as follows:

  • Open the app and use the tab at the bottom right to go to the “Devices” area.
  • Tap on the plus sign in the upper right corner and then “Add Devices” to connect Nuki to Alexa.
  • In the list that opens, select the category “Lock” and then “Nuki.” Click “Next” to enter the Skill-Store.
  • In the Skill Store, activate the “Nuki Smart Home” skill via the “ACTIVATE FOR USE” button. In the window that opens, log in with the access data of your Nuki Web account.
  • After the login, you have to give Alexa access to your Nuki Smart Lock by tapping on “Allow”.
  • If you want to unlock/open your door (and not just locking) via voice command, then you need to activate this separately in the Alexa app. (Not available in every country)

Now Alexa is connected to your smart door lock. Alexa performs a short search for new devices, and the Nuki Smart Lock should appear among the connected devices. Now you can adjust a few things, e.g., assign a room or change the device name.

Connecting possibilities for Nuki per Alexa

Alexa was originally a voice assistant who did many tasks by voice command, including controlling smart home devices. Over the past few years, the Alexa App has also become more and more the control center for a smart home. You can also use it to create a whole range of automations.

To do this, select “Routines” from the menu. There you can define your own rules. As a trigger, you can use not only voice commands or the time, but also the states of the devices. For example, you can determine that your Nuki Smart Lock locks the front door when you say “Alexa, Good Night.”

How secure is using the Nuki Smart Lock with Alexa?

If you have your Nuki Smart Lock connected to Alexa and a Smart Speaker near your front door, strangers could, theoretically, open the door by using the voice command from outside through an open window. To prevent this from happening, there are two security mechanisms. You can deactivate in the Alexa App the unlocking of your Nuki Smart Lock via voice command. Or, if you want the unlocking action to be active, you can define a four-digit code that Alexa will ask for before it unlocks the front door by voice command.

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