Integrate smoothly and
automate key handovers

You can connect Nuki directly to systems like Airbnb, Smoobu, Guesty and many more. This way you can automate the key handover and save yourself extra trips and waiting times. If the booking is changed, the access permission is also automatically adjusted. And after check-out, your guests’ entry code automatically expires.

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Nuki Smart Hosting

Smart integration in your system

With our partners’ integrations, you have everything in one place.
This way you can synchronize your bookings and simplify processes.

Nuki Smart Hosting

How to connect Nuki
to your system:

  1. Install the Nuki Smart Lock and Nuki Bridge
  2. Create a Nuki Web account and link the Smart Lock
  3. Connect your system (e.g. Airbnb account) via the integration in Nuki Web
  4. Assign the Smart Lock to the listing
  5. Your guests will automatically receive entry codes directly through your management system

Automate your key handovers
with Nuki Smart Hosting.

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Nuki Smart Hosting

Customized solution with the
Short Rental API

With our Short Rental API you can integrate Nuki into all booking and management systems. Regardless of the programming language or existing integrations. Send automated entry codes from your individual software solution. We would be happy to send you more detailed information. Just contact us via our contact form.

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These partners rely on Nuki

We are proud that you are already able to use Nuki directly in the apps of many of our partners.

Choose Nuki
and save yourself valuable time.

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Is your system still missing? Let us know.

Send us the name of the system you work with. We are constantly expanding our partner network and will incorporate your suggestion if possible. We keep you informed about new additions to our partner network on our channels.