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Recharge your batteries with Nuki and enjoy our brandnew summer playlists on Spotify

Get Inspired 18.06.2021 | Guest author

The long spring full of lockdowns and curfews has finally cleared its place and opened the door to summer. And this summer, we’re going to enjoy it to the fullest! No more moping around, bring on the sun rays, happy hormones and positive thoughts!

Good mood all-inclusive

No other season has such a positive effect on our mood as summer. Life feels lighter and one mood high follows the next. Now is also the time to get outside and feel life with every fiber of your body. Thanks to an average of 16.5 hours of sunlight per day, there’s plenty of time for that, despite work! Make a date with friends, take a trip with your family or just lie in the sun and relax.

And if you already have a Nuki Smart Lock, you don’t need to worry about where your key is or if your door is securely locked. Just follow the call of freedom and get your body, mind and soul going without much effort. Spontaneous short trip without the hassle of handing over the keys? No problem. With the free Nuki app you can easily grant digital access permissions to your home while you’re on the go.

Dancing makes you happy

Speaking of dancing, did you know that it releases endorphins – our happy hormones? It also stimulates serotonin production, which provides inner peace and contentment. Yes, music can do many things, in fact it can even change the heartbeat, blood pressure and breathing rate. Depending on the type of music, different hormones are released. So, music can motivate, calm, relax, and evoke wonderful memories.

Reason enough to celebrate music, as it’s done on France’s “Fête de la musique” on 21 June. To celebrate the occasion with our French friends, we have prepared a special gift for you:

Our collection of songs that will make you forget every hard-working day!

Listen to it on spotify