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Nuki Smart Door – Nuki technology built directly into a motorised door

Nuki News 24.05.2022 | Julia Buchta

For years, Nuki has stood for electronic door locks that are compatible with most locking cylinders. If you move, you can simply dismantle and reinstall your Nuki Smart Lock. For anyone planning to buy a new front door, e.g. when renovating or building a house, the Nuki Smart Door is the ideal solution. To offer this, we are working together with selected door manufacturers such as Dana and Gaulhofer. The smart technology from Nuki is built directly into a motorised door in the form of the Nuki Button.

The major advantage this has over other motorised doors is:

  • The Nuki Smart Door is compatible with all Nuki products. If you would rather not use a smartphone to unlock your door, you can simply use the Nuki Keypad or Nuki Fob.
  • The Nuki Smart Door can be integrated into smart home systems like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Your smart front door can also be controlled by voice command or integrated into automations.

More information on price and availability of the Smart Door

From the retrofit solution to the new build segment – Nuki’s mission

„As the European market leader for smart access solutions, our clear aim is to also position our brand in the new build segment. This brought about the idea for the Smart Door and was driven forward with leading door and lock manufacturers. With the Smart Door, all the advantages of the Nuki Smart Lock are fully installed in a single door. The Nuki Button on the interior side of the door is integrated directly into the door and connected to an existing motorised lock. This is what turns a mechanical door into a smart door“, explains Martin Pansy, CEO of Nuki Home Solutions GmbH.

The key facts about the Smart Door at a glance

The Smart Door is ideal for new build, renovation and refurbishment projects. The heart of the Smart Door is the Nuki Button. It features the same smart technology as the Nuki Smart Lock. The Nuki Button is built directly into the interior side of the door by the manufacturer.

The Smart Door consists of three components:

  • the Nuki Button, which contains the Nuki technology
  • the KFV GENIUS motor lock from the Siegenia Group
  • A newly built door

The motorised lock is wired ex works. In contrast to the Nuki Smart Lock, the Nuki Button hardly stands out from the door with its flush design. To ensure the Nuki Button blends perfectly into the door design, it is available in four different versions – in silver or black, and in a round or square shape.

Integration into smart home systems: Use your Smart Door with Google or Alexa

Does a vacuum robot do the cleaning for you too? Do your shutters open automatically, and do you dim the lights by voice command? Anyone who has ever used Smart Home products in their day-to-day life will never want to go without them again. Nuki products can be used with numerous smart home systems: Here’s how you can control your Nuki Smart Door with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Due to its high compatibility with other smart home brands, the Nuki Smart Door can be used in a wide variety of combinations: For example, you can set your heating to turn down automatically as soon as the Smart Door is locked in the morning. Not only that, but combining it with an intelligent doorbell opens up completely new possibilities: Imagine you’re stuck in traffic, and your friends are already waiting at your door, waving into your video doorbell. A quick swipe in the Nuki app is enough to open the door for them – pretty smart, right?
With Nuki, the door becomes the gateway to your smart home. Thanks to the open ecosystem and the many possible integrations and interfaces, the Smart Door is compatible with numerous smart home systems.

Works with Nuki – enjoy all the benefits of Nuki technology

The Smart Door is compatible with a wide variety of smart home systems and can be seamlessly integrated.
Whether it’s managing Airbnbs, smart parcel delivery, integration with video doorbells or communicating via Alexa or Google Home – the Smart Door opens up a whole host of possibilities.

Here are the most popular features for a stress-free life:

  • Auto Unlock: Your door opens as you approach, without your smartphone even leaving your pocket.
  • Digital access permissions: Easily share permanent or temporary smart keys with your loved ones via the app.
  • Activity log: You can check who opens or closes your door and when at any time in the activity log.
  • Remote access: Together with the Nuki Bridge, you can control and manage your front door from anywhere.
  • Scheduling: Your door locks automatically at your chosen time.

Where can I buy the Smart Door?

The Smart Door is offered by leading door manufacturers, such as DANA, Gaulhofer, KAPO and many more. But also your trusted carpenter or artisan can build an individual Smart Door for you. The components and the manual for building the Smart Door are available in our Nuki Online Shop or Nuki Pro Shop.

Here you can find out which requirements must be met for the Smart Door.

How much does the Smart Door cost?

The actual final price of a Smart Door depends on many factors. The largest part, however, is the material costs of the door itself. A Smart Door made of massive wood is of course more expensive than a Smart Door with veneer. To give you an idea: the additional costs of a Smart Door compared to a conventional motorised door with a fingerprint solution, for example, are minimal. However, with Nuki you not only benefit from a keyless everyday life, but also from the entire smart ecosystem.

Make your dream of keyless living come true and upgrade your home.

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