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Update on the Nuki Android Bridge app: With the end of every era comes a new beginning
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Update on the Nuki Android Bridge app: With the end of every era comes a new beginning

Nuki News 20.01.2021 | Sebastian Scholz

The Nuki Smart Lock has been available for more than four years now. A lot has changed since then. Needs have evolved, partnerships have been formed, and new integrations have opened the door to an entire Smart Home universe for your Smart Lock.

But the official market launch on 15 November 2016 wasn’t where it all started – it was actually the summer of 2015. That was when we introduced our idea under the name “Noki” through the popular crowdfunding platform “Kickstarter”. We managed to hit our predetermined funding target in just a few hours. It was clear from the very start that creating an optimum connection between the electronic door lock to the home Wi-Fi would pave the way for many smart upgrades for everyday life. The Nuki Bridge was developed alongside the Smart Lock for this very reason.

We also launched a software-based version of the Nuki Bridge as a special thank-you to our Kickstarter community. This can be installed on an old Android smartphone, which also makes it possible to connect the smart door lock to the internet.

Now, however, around four years later, we have found that the use of the Android Bridge has dropped significantly over time. There may be many reasons for this, but we have come to following conclusion: A reliable, energy-saving hardware bridge is the best solution for most Nuki users.

However, since the maintenance outlay for a security-related app like the Nuki Software Bridge is very high, and we want to focus all our resources on developing new features that are relevant to all users, we have decided to discontinue the Nuki Bridge app on 31 January 2021. In concrete terms, this means that you will no longer be able to download the Nuki Bridge app again as of this date. If you have already installed it on your smartphone by then, you can of course continue to use it. However, we would like to point out that there will be no more updates for the Software Bridge moving forward, and we will no longer be supporting it.

Due to the very small number of users, we assume this change will only affect very few of you. In order for us to live up to our own commitment to communication that is as transparent as possible with our long-standing and very loyal community, it is important to us to address this issue openly and at an early stage. We hope you continue to enjoy our smart products!

PS: Would you like to take another look at the complete evolution of Nuki? Then check out the entire Nuki success story.

Sebastian Scholz
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