The digital access system for VACATION PROPERTIES

More flexibility for hosts and 24/7 check-in and -out for guests with Nuki.

Cost savings for short rental owner

Cost savings

up to € 30,- per check-in

24/7 self-check-in with Nuki's digital door lock

Check-in and -out

flexibility for host and guest

More security for hosts and guests

Safety and security

controlled access for guests and service partners

Save time and scale-up your short rental business with Nuki

Time efficiency

trouble-free handling of last-minute bookings

Smart access solution

The Nuki Smart Lock is an electronic, retrofit door lock that can be installed on the inside of the door within a few minutes – without screws or drilling.

In combination with the Nuki app, it makes your everyday life keyless, by turning the smartphone into a smart key.
Access permissions are easily managed and sent to guests for the corresponding booking period via the Nuki app or Nuki Web.

The classic issues when renting out holiday homes are eliminated:

  • time-consuming and resource-intensive key handovers
  • hiring external partners to handover the keys
  • unexpected changes in the arrival time of your guests
  • key duplicates for cleaners and service partners
  • lost keys require an often expensive exchange of the entire cylinder
Nuki is secure smart home product

Keyless access from the street into your flat

The Nuki Opener turns your existing intercom into a smart door opener. It was designed for self-installation in your flat and makes it possible to open the door of your apartment building.

When used in combination with the Nuki Smart Lock, you profit from a holistic access system and can offer your guests entirely keyless access.

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At Nuki, we believe that our commitment to making life easier through our products is a perfect fit for the short-term rental industry. Among other things, Nuki enables 24/7 check-in and -out, remote access management and keyless access for guests and service providers. This makes travelling smarter than ever for hosts and guests. Comfort and security are our top priorities.

Martin Pansy, CEO

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