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If you rent out a holiday property, the vacation season can quickly become the most stressful time of the year – with endless key handovers, check-ins and check-outs, and many other tasks on your daily agenda.

Here you will see how Nuki makes renting out holiday properties easier:

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Convenient check-in
with the Nuki Keypad

Your guests can lock and unlock the door by simply entering a six-digit code. This way, your guests don’t need to download the free Nuki App. You can also generate these codes automatically, if you have a channel management software with a Nuki integration.

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Nuki App Check-in

Keyless access with the free Nuki app

With the Nuki Web platform or the Nuki app, you can create digital access permissions for your guests for the duration of their stay. Shortly before they arrive, your guests will receive the digital key so they can use the app to enter the property.

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Open the door for your guests remotely

The check-in works by opening the door remotely. The key or Nuki Fob is ready in the apartment, so guests can lock the door during their stay.

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Using the free Nuki app or the Nuki Web platform, you can easily manage access permissions and send them to your guests for the relevant booking period.

Thanks to the open API, the features of the Nuki software can be integrated into all administration and channel management software solutions.

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