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Extra security and protection for your Smart Lock: Nuki Care & Protect and Nuki Guarantee Plus
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Extra security and protection for your Smart Lock: Nuki Care & Protect and Nuki Guarantee Plus

Nuki News 08.07.2021 | Christine Deniz

Update: February 01, 2024

Our service Nuki Care & Protect will be discontinued on 31 March 2024. From this date, the following services will no longer be available to you:

  • - 24/7 locksmith insurance:
    Insurance cover provided by our insurance partner Europ Assistance
  • - Nuki Premium Support:
    Prioritized support via your Nuki account
  • - Immediate product replacement:
    Replacement even before the defective product is returned

In July 2021, we launched Nuki Care & Protect, a special service to offer you a carefree package for the Smart Lock. We created this offer together with our insurance partner Europ Assistance and was therefore available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our goal of offering this service throughout Europe recently failed in negotiations with international insurance partners. Despite intensive efforts, we are therefore forced to discontinue the service.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact form.

We are expanding our range of services for you! Get the carefree package for your Nuki Smart Lock including 24/7 locksmith insurance and Nuki Premium Support. Or extend the device protection for your electronic door lock with a three-year Nuki guarantee and immediate product replacement.

Nuki Care & Protect – the all-round carefree package for your Smart Lock

Lost your key? Locked out? Last resort: Locksmith! (Here is why you should change your door lock before anything happens.) With Nuki Care & Protect, you are fully covered if something goes wrong. We offer this service package in cooperation with our insurance partner Europ Assistance. For just 4.90 euros a month, you get the following services:

  • Locksmith insurance with a 24/7 emergency hotline
  • Nuki Premium Support, where your request is given priority and you get a reply within 3 business hours
  • Immediate product replacement, before we’ve even received your defective product

You get the first month for free. You are then free to cancel your insurance subscription every month. The service will be available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as of mid-July 2021. In Switzerland, the fee is 5.90 CHF per month. One insurance claim is covered per calendar year (for costs of up to 500 euros / 800 CHF).

Nuki Guarantee Plus – extend your guarantee at a one-off price

With the Nuki Guarantee Plus service package, you can extend the protection of your Smart Lock and benefit from a three-year Nuki guarantee. For a one-time payment of 24.90 euros, we will immediately send you a replacement product when you make a claim on the guarantee – even before we have received the faulty item.
More information about Nuki Guarantee Plus

As soon as you have activated your Smart Lock, you have 30 days to purchase the extended warranty.

Extra security and protection for your Smart Lock: Nuki Care & Protect and Nuki Guarantee Plus

How does it work?

Both service packages are available in the Nuki Online Shop.
And it makes no difference where you bought your Nuki products.

  • All you need is the Smart Lock ID number. You can find it on the back of your Nuki Smart Lock or in the settings of your Nuki app.
  • When you shop in the Nuki Online Shop, you can add both services directly to your shopping cart. Of course, you can also purchase Nuki Care & Protect and Guarantee Plus at a later stage if you bought your Nuki products from a specialist retailer.
  • You can find an overview of your existing services in the “My Account” section of the Nuki Online Shop. You can also manage your service packages there.

Peace of mind with Nuki

We are not content with simply offering you the best hardware and software solution. We’re also here to help you after the purchase. That’s why we’ve created service solutions for you to ensure you no longer have to worry about the door to your building.

More information about Nuki Guarantee Plus

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Christine Deniz
I belong to those who claim to "not really know their way around technology". It is therefore important to me that complex processes are presented in an understandable and simple way. What fascinates me about Smart Lock technology is the fact that it not only replaces the key - the central element of a home - but also extends it. An innovation for everyone, not just for techies.