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Nuki Smart Door for your customers: The Nuki technology in a high-quality motorised door

Nuki News 24.05.2022 | Julia Buchta

The Nuki technology integrated directly into a door? The Nuki Smart Door makes it possible: The Nuki Button, i.e. Nuki’s unobtrusive door lock, is simply built into a new door together with a KFV GENIUS motorised lock. Tradespeople, joiners, carpenters etc. can therefore offer their customers the ideal smart home solution for their new high-quality front door.

Smart home: Investment into the future

Many people can no longer imagine everyday life without the convenience of smart home devices. According to estimates by Statista, the trend towards smart home devices will continue to increase. In 2020, there were already 44 million smart homes in Europe. However, that’s only the beginning: There will be 97 million in 2025! Including the Nuki Smart Door in your range permits you to already profit from this development now.

Smart access management integrated into a custom-made door

Once you have experienced the convenience of a door that opens automatically, you will never want to rummage around for your keys again. When you move, you can simply take the Nuki Smart Lock out and integrate it into a new lock cylinder. However, if you intend to purchase a new front door, this is the perfect opportunity to opt for an integrated and durable solution such as the Smart Door. The Nuki Smart Door is therefore ideal for customers who are building or renovating a house.

The built-in Nuki Button turns the new door into a smart door, and your smartphone into a smart key. Visually, the Smart Door looks like any other door, apart from the unobtrusive Nuki Button on the inside. The flat Nuki Button is available in a choice of four designs: In black or silver, and in a round or square shape. The Nuki technology components are built directly into the door, together with the KFV GENIUS motorised lock. You can therefore create customised smart front doors, tailor-made to the requirements of your customers.

In this video, Joachim Pirker, joiner and Nuki Pro partner from Gnesau in Carinthia, Austria, explains the advantages of the Nuki Smart Door.

These are the advantages the Smart Door offers your customers

  • Nuki technology integrated directly into a high-quality front door
  • The Smart Door provides durable, secure and reliable access management
  • Full control thanks to digitally granted access permissions and documenting the activity log in the Nuki App
  • Seamless integration into numerous smart home systems such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa
  • Compatible with the entire Nuki product range; i.e. thanks to the Keypad and Fob, the Smart Door can also be locked without a smartphone
  • Remote access wherever and whenever, when combined with the Nuki Bridge
  • The Nuki Button comes in four attractive versions that visually integrate seamlessly into any door design
  • Maximum security with the KFV GENIUS motorised lock’s multi-point locking mechanism
  • Almost noiseless locking process
  • Higher turnover not only due to Smart Door sales but also thanks to additional service offers: Fitting as well as initial instruction by specially trained fitters

These features make the Nuki Smart Door differ from ordinary motorised doors

Become a Nuki Pro partner and add the Smart Door to your range

Would you like to offer the Smart Door to your customers? Simply register as a Nuki Pro partner. In the Nuki Pro Online Shop, you can get the Smart Door components in two different packages, the Nuki Smart Door integration set and the Nuki Smart Door complete package. You can also choose from five different versions of the KFV GENIUS motorised lock and four different versions of the Nuki Button:

As a Nuki Pro partner, you benefit from a wide range of advantages, attractive terms and conditions, and a bonus programme. Not only that, but you will also be included on our Smart Door partner map from the very first purchase. This lets customers find you on our website. This is our way of helping our customers in their search for Smart Door manufacturers. Register for free and without obligation as a Nuki Pro partner, and expand your product range with the Nuki Smart Door. Make sure you’re ready for the trend of the future.

You don’t manufacture doors, but still want to offer your customers a Smart Door?

Get in touch with our Smart Door partners to discuss your cooperation options. You can find our Smart Door partners here.

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