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ekey uno Fingerprint: Add-on product for your Nuki Smart Lock exclusively available for Nuki Club members
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ekey uno Fingerprint: Add-on product for your Nuki Smart Lock exclusively available for Nuki Club members

Nuki News 15.02.2022 | Judith Wilfing

Update: 15.02.2022
The ekey uno fingerprint is now also available in black in the Nuki Online Shop. The popular fingerprint solution is compatible with every generation of Nuki Smart Locks.

The intelligent combination of different products transforms your home into a Smart Home. To support you in networking your smart gadgets, we have teamed up with relevant smart home providers. One of our partners is ekey, an Austrian manufacturer of fingerprint access solutions. Particularly popular among them is the retrofittable ekey uno fingerprint sensor as an add-on product for your Nuki Smart Lock. In combination, this makes a complete fingerprint door opener. As a Club Member, you can benefit now from this great Smart Home deal.

We are happy to announce exciting news for the Nuki Club community:
The ekey uno fingerprint is now available in the Nuki Online Shop. The partner offer is available exclusively for Nuki Club members at a special price.

The main features at a glance:

Unlocking your door with nothing but your finger

With ekey, you open the door simply by fingerprint scan – without a smartphone, key, PIN code or card. When you leave your house or flat, you do not have to take anything with you to unlock.

Making everyday family life easier

Keys can get lost or forgotten. Children from 5 years of age can already use the ekey uno fingerprint. This way, they can get into the house safely – whether they are coming from school or the playground.

Smart technology

The software of the ekey uno fingerprint learns with every use. Children grow quickly, but their fingerprints remain the same and therefore, do not need to be re-recorded. Also, if the fingers of authorised persons are dirty or show minor injuries, they can still be recognised.

High-security level

The probability of an unauthorised person’s fingerprint being recognised is 1 in 10 million. The ekey uno fingerprint is therefore many times more secure than the 4-digit code on an ATM card.

Nuki and ekey uno as fingerprint door opener

This makes the ekey uno fingerprint the optimal add-on product for all those who want to upgrade their Nuki Smart Lock with a fingerprint access solution. Here you can find the instructions for starting up ekey with Nuki for iOS and Android:

Thanks to the smart integration into the Nuki ecosystem, you can open your door with ekey very easily with nothing more than your finger. The connection between the Nuki Smart Lock and the battery-operated fingerprint scanner works directly via Bluetooth.

The ekey uno fingerprint is compatible with the 1st and 2nd generation of Nuki’s electronic door lock as well as the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 and 3.0 Pro. This allows you to authorise up to 200 fingers (or 20 users). The ekey uno app is available for iOS and Android smartphones in German, English, French and Italian.

Get ekey uno at the exclusive
special price for Nuki Club members


Judith Wilfing

Judith Wilfing

For me, a smart home means: lifestyle & everyday convenience. Electronic door lock, smartwatch and voice assistant – three smart gadgets that shape my everyday life. Every technological development has new and exciting tools to offer. Pure variety!