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Smart Vacation Rental: A Quick and Easy Nuki Smart Lock Guide
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Smart Vacation Rental: A Quick and Easy Nuki Smart Lock Guide

Get Inspired 24.02.2022 | Lucy Cromwell

Being a host of a short-term rental property can be a lot of work, handling arrivals and departures, maintaining the property for future guests, and sorting out multiple bookings every week. So, it makes sense that automating as much as you can, or having the option to handle things remotely, will free up your time and make the process of running a rental business that much smoother. Smart homes are a great way to do this and as the technology continues to evolve, the options are getting better every year.

The benefits of a smart home

A smart home makes your property a much more appealing proposition for vacations and short-term rentals, not only improving safety and security for your guests but also making the property more comfortable and convenient as a living space. Mortgage Broker and MD at Online Mortgage Advisor, Pete Mugleston, argues that when it comes to affordability for vacations and short-term rental mortgages, the stronger your offering, the better: “It’s all about the strength of the investment, with lenders calculating this based on rental potential. The projected rental income has to cover the mortgage payments, calculated at current and possible future interest rates”. Smart appliances can also boost the value of a rental property and reduce costs for you as the owner, increasing profits for the long-term. What’s more, smart devices make it easier for you to run your business remotely. Smart devices add a luxury element to a property which can encourage guests to choose your rental over another. These are our top picks for vacation rental owners to consider.

Smart locks

Smart locks enable you to open your vacation rental with your smartphone, so you can grant access to guests, cleaners or maintenance staff through an access permission. You don’t need to worry about the hassle of exchanging keys or hanging around waiting for guests who’ve been delayed. A device such as the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 is less work on your part, but it also offers greater security as you’ll know only authorised people have access.

Nuki Keypad: simple 24/7 self check-in even without the use of a smartphone


Heating and lighting

One of the most popular smart devices in homes is smart lighting and thermostats – and with good reason. Energy consumption can be difficult to manage as a vacation rental owner, but smart devices can reduce the risk of guests leaving lights, air conditioners or heaters on full blast when they head out the door. Smart thermostats can often adjust throughout the day when they determine if guests are at home or out for the day, which saves costs and energy use.

Video doorbell

A video doorbell instantly notifies you when someone is close by to your property and connects you to the in-built camera, so you can see who is at the front door and even communicate with them from any location. It’s a great device for rental property owners as it means you can grant access as needed, accept deliveries and communicate with guests to greet them personally.

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro: Our electronic door lock with integrated remote access and Power Pack

Virtual assistants

A large percentage of homes now have some form of virtual assistant in them, from Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit to Google Home. In fact, by 2024, it’s estimated that over eight billion digital voice assistants will be in use globally. But adding one to your vacation home can be a great addition as it can act as your guests’ personal concierge.

You can programme different requests and details into it, such as how to use devices in the home, safety guidelines or local attractions, that guests can then trigger with specific commands. It enhances the guest experience and is genuinely helpful throughout their stay.

Management software

Vacation rental software will help you to manage the short-term tasks of running a rental property, all from one easy-to-use interface. You can take advantage of automated guest messaging, handle reviews and communication channels, process payments and much more.

It makes it so much simpler to deal with the administration associated with a rental property and keeps everything in one secure location for added convenience.

Final thoughts

From creating a more welcoming and helpful environment for guests to granting access to properties and reducing operational costs, smart devices make managing a rental so much simpler.

No more tedious key handovers thanks to Smart Locks

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Lucy Cromwell
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